Our Response to Covid-19


Things have changed more rapidly than a blink of an eye and we decided to give you a moment to breathe, a spark of hope and a little calmness in the middle of this huge turmoil by letting you know that sooner than later everything will ease and things are not going to be like before… they will be better.
From the moment these unparalleled times start challenging us, we at Kindle Journeys have been refocusing and pinpointing what really matters to all of us as human beings and preparing ourselves for the day that we will be able to host and take good care of you here in South America.
We would like you to know about a few of the different actions we have taken to assure that when you arrive, your journey will be as flawless and safe as possible:

  • Along with the Safe Travels stamp from the WTTC, we also have our own set of protocols to be ready for the “new normal” in travel. This is an evolving document which will enhance as governments and health organizations put out new recommendations.
  • Though we have been flexible with bookings, we have increased our flexibility, allowing for any changes you need. This includes more ease in changing dates for COVID-19 related reasons, among other things.
  • We will ensure a meaningful and socially responsible travel experience for you, as well as for all of the people you meet along the way. We are all in this together.
  • We are creating new travel experiences which will focus more on outdoor visits to areas that are less crowded, ensuring that you get a high-quality travel experience while easily maintaining distance and staying safe.

Our goal is to provide the best journey experience for you while keeping you as safe as possible. We are confident that we (that means you and us Kindle Journeys) will get through this situation together, and emerge stronger than ever.


We are depply committed to keep growing along with this changing world to make sure that you and all the people involved in your journey have the safest and most enjoyable valued experience while discovering South America with us.
In order to get ready, we have organized a new set of protocols and safety guidelines. These will be part of a living document, ready to be modified as any further information comes out. Here are the basics:
General Measures

  • These apply to everyone involved with making our journeys happen, including our guides, drivers, and providers.
  • The general measures include the basics for disease prevention, including washing hands, wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, and keeping their distance when in places around other people. This also includes measures on what to do if one has symptoms.

Staff Measures

  • Along with our team members that you meet during your journey, our staff behind the scenes will also have a set of safety measures.
  • Right now, our office staff are working from home, making social distancing much easier. For any meetings, we are currently using online conferencing platforms as used around the world.

Accommodation Measures

  • Hotels and other suppliers will be held to very high standards and must adhere to the official government guidelines and protocols. Some of the most noticeable changes here will be during check-in and during breakfast. Check-in and check-out will be entirely contactless, as will payment for any additional services; breakfast at the hotels will be table service rather than buffet-style.
  • Also, while the hotels we work with are always quite clean, you may notice that they will have stepped up their hygiene standards even more, keeping guests and staff alike as safe and healthy as possible.
  • Nonetheless, we will have people on the field to check and make sure that every single property you are about to stay in are as clean and sanitized as posible, this way we minimize any presumable risk.

Transportation Measures

  • When traveling, one of the most important parts is getting from place to place safely. With COVID-19, safety and hygiene are more important than ever.
  • Any transport providers must follow clear measures to mitigate any risk. This includes operating at 50% capacity – the upside of which is extra space for each person while you’re on the move.
  • And while our drivers are friendly, they will maintain their distance, greeting travelers with a nod or a wave rather than a handshake. They will also know where the medical centers are, just in case they are needed during transport.

Kindle Journeys guides Measures

  • Our guides help make our journeys extraordinary, being some of the friendliest, caring, most passionate and knowledgeable people you will ever meet.
  • Even though they are likely to feel like part of the family, our guides will also be sure to maintain a safe distance, and greet travelers with a wave rather than a handshake.
  • Guides are also well-versed in first aid and will be able to help in any situation that may arise – possible COVID-19, discomfort from altitude sickness, or even just a scrape.

By following these guidelines and protocols, we can be sure to keep you and your loved-ones as safe as possible while discovering new places and transcending in your life through travel.


Once again this is an opportunity to show what we really are and what our values stand for, we are truly and a hundred percent committed to show you that you really matters for us. 

Because of this, we have updated booking terms pertaining to the current situation, which will maximize flexibility as much as possible.
Our provisional terms apply to services provided by Kindle Journeys. The terms and conditions of our partners and providers and how they are applied remain at the discretion of said partners and providers (for example, trains, flights, cruises, etc.) but we will ensure that those ones are as flexible as ours.


Because what we need now are more good news than ever, you will have a peace of mind reding the following:

  • New bookings will require only 30% down as a deposit.
  • The balance payment will be due only 8 weeks before your travel dates.
  • Any booking if is canceled with 30 days of anticipation will have no cancellation fee directly charged by Kindle Journeys and carry forward 100% of the booking’s value to the future booking.

We have negotiated flexible terms with all of our partners, and we will work with you to create an itinerary with terms and conditions that satisfy your needs for comfort and security.