Argentina Adventure

Imagine you and your family walking around the fascinating and charming streets of Buenos Aires, listening to a Tango that filters through a window which has colorful flowers hanging on one side, well this sounds like a dream but the difference is that we can make it happen.

Argentina Adventure is an enjoyable trip that will give you a great opportunity to breathe what this country has, to perceive a reality that will engage perfectly with a culture that make all the Argentinean be proud of what they are.

Its major city plazas, historic buildings, the Presidential Palace and Buenos Aires Cathedral will be visited. You will also make an interpretive visit inside the much renowned and world acclaimed Teatro Colon Opera House, the famed districts of La Boca and Caminito, and take a walk through the Iguazú Falls that looks spectacular on this side.

Please let us know what are your interests and we (it means you and us at 
Kindle Journeys) will make this program fits perfectly for you.

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