Responsible Travel

Stay Safe to Stay Together

The world has changed, and there is no need to say what caused it because we all know the answer. Now the question is, what are we going to do to prevent and, subsequently, avoid this enemy we have in common?

We at Kindle Journeys are committed to make your journey as safe as we can in order to give you a hassle-free lifetime experience during your whole exploration around. We not only have implemented high standard procedures but we assure with all of our providers to have the same ones, thereby, we as a family and together as a tribe can be safe while enjoying.

Come explore with us and discover the newest and safest way of exploration and adventure.

Travel with Purpose

Why not? If you are travelling and fulfilling yourself with energy and many long-lasting memories, we think is a humankind peculiarity to look for transcending in other people’s life as well, by making deep connection and bond with the real spirit of our own. 

We at Kindle Journeys strongly believe that the best way you can impact and transcend is not by just giving money but to truly participate in a life-changing and transforming experience along with people that are awaking to the so called “new world”.

Come explore with us and discover a brand-new sensation that will make you feel that you did do something meaningful for others.

We are & We only have…One World !!!

We know what you think…Yes, you’ve heard about this many times and maybe you did not witness a truly and real action…so far. Everybody knows that we need to make a change in our consuming behavior and reduce the impact of it, but let’s face it, does everybody know how to do it effectively?

We at Kindle Journeys have implemented real actions to recycle and help our planet in the healing process, action that come from seeding trees days, working along with recycling plastic companies, promoting and participating in cleaning days for the most important destinations inside our country and supporting similar actions in all South America.

Come explore with us and discover how we (you and us) can create and be part of the real world change for this new era…a beginning where we all have to be together.