Who we are?

We are a company that stands above two pillars, our vision: “being the leader company in the tourism industry, a company that will be known worldwide for the high quality and personalized services reflected on the plenty satisfaction and delight of our clients”, and our mission: “giving once-in-a-lifetime journeys, pursuing transcend in our client’s life” 

“The road less traveled” could be the concept on which most companies lay their services but we truly keep those destinations as real as we can for you to flavor a real sense what the place and the people are.

At KINDLE JOURNEYS, we believe the best way to enjoy the natural beauty, culture and history of a place is to experience it like a local: up-close, off the tourist track and at your own pace. That’s why we challenge ourselves every day to find the best activities, the most knowledgeable guides, the most intimate lodges and the most authentic cuisine so you can go home with a true insider’s perspective.