Dive to Magical Peru

(12 days / 11 nights)

Many people that visited us before said that they would like to have more time to see all the things that Peru has to offer, is the reason why this program gives you more options to explore parts of Peru that seems to be hidden, places that are waiting for you to know them and discover more history of this wonderful country.

You will be travelling among Peru on a unique way, which could be personalized according to your needs and interests, this includes cities like Lima with its fascinating architecture and houses made on their special colonial style, Cusco which is considerated the America´s Archeological Capital, Puno a place that holds the highest navigable lake of the world and the fascinating northern Peru.

At the end of your journey you will visit Trujillo which holds one of the greatest treasures of Peru, The Lord of Sipán who was ruler of the pre-Inca Moche culture, the archeological complex of Chan Chan and more places that will give you better tools to understand all the diversity that you can enjoy traveling to Peru.

Just let us know what are your interests and we (it means you and us at 
Kindle Journeys) will create a program that fits you perfectly.


You will start your adventure by flying to Cusco and after 45 minutes outside your journey will take you to Chinchero a traditional pueblo where we will find both Incan and colonial architecture. You will strive explore Ollantaytambo and later on, board the train to Machu Picchu and spend the night in this magical destination.


Enjoy the silence and the moving energy of this incredible place. Your expert guide will give you a private tour of the ancient city. Afterwards, you will board your train back to Cusco. The next day you will dive into Cusco and its mysteries by taking an special tour around to finally, on the following morning enjoy the Andean Explorer, which is counted among the best train journeys in the world.


This journey will take you out through the bay of Puno, past banks of reeds to the incredible floating islands of Uros. You will next motor to the large natural island of Taquile. After enjoying the peacefulness of the town you will embark the next morning to Trujillom where you will be amazed by the tall ancient pyramids in the countryside – the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon. 


You'll travel with your guide by private car to Chiclayo. Next, we’ll visit the twenty-six pre-Columbian pyramids of Tucume. Finally, in the late afternoon light, you’ll drive back to Chiclayo for your flight back to Lima. We will end this adventure exploring and showing you Lima in our unique way. The next morning you will flight back home.

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