Explore Peru at Once

(7 days / 6 nights)

If you do not have too many days and you want to take advantage of your time this program suits you well, basically because of the way how you can enjoy a real taste of what Peru has to offer in a quick view.

Starting with a very good glance of Lima, widely known as The City of the Kings, passing through the colonial part and getting to the modern one in just a half day tour and taking a deep breath dining with a wonderful view of the ocean. Proceeding in the following days to dive into the fabulous, engaging and breathtaking Inca history, initiating the experience with a close view of the Sacred Valley, a place where you can find the reason why the Incas were so respectful to everything that surrounds them.

The best for the last, the cherry on the cake will be knowing one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Machupicchu The Lost City of The Incas, a place where many times people stood without words, just trying to understand the greatness of this empire.

Just let us know what are your interests and we (it means you and us at 
Kindle Journeys) will create a program that fits you perfectly.


Start exploring by flying to Cusco in order to visit the Living Museum of Awanakancha, where you will see traditional weavers at work and come face to face with llamas, alpacas and other Andean camelids. 


We will take you to the small valley town of Pisac where you will visit the incredible Inca ruins placed on the ridge over the town.  The next day, our eagerness to adventure will make you land in Machupicchu the incredible Inca stone construction, discover it!


After a day to explore at your own pace this magnificent place, you will head to Cusco and visit the magical places inside and outside the city, where you will discover the mysteries hidden in the streets, the people and the same ambience of this spectacular city.


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