Explore the Speechless Peru

(17 days / 16 nights)

We are sure that after you try Peru on a deepest way you will feel not only that you traveled somewhere in South America, you will go back home having the best experience of your life, not because the length of your journey but the places that you will visit, the people you will know, the paths you will hike and the landscapes you will treasure more than a simple memory all of them explored with your 6 senses.

For those who want to explore Peru watching all its diversity this program is what we will call your chance!!. You will submerge into the cultural richness of our wonderful country, travelling along the three regions that make Peru one of the best destinations of the world.

From taking a tour in Lima, discovering the enigmatic Nazca Lines, viewing the beautiful White City of Arequipa, having the closest view of the Condors in the Colca Canyon, floating in Puno above the highest lake navigable in the World, witnessing one of the Seven Wonders of the World in Machupicchu and visiting the amazing rainforest of our country you will really have the journey of your life.  

Please let us know what are your interests and we (it means you and us at 
Kindle Journeys) will make this program fits you perfectly.


As the name says, this program will leave you speechless…we will start in Lima. In the following days you will experience the coast of Perú in our special way, flight over the Nazca Lines, be transferred to the harbor on the Paracas Peninsula where you board a speedboat heading out to the Ballestas Islands where you see hundreds of birds flying above. 


Continue to the adventure and flight to Arequipa. Discover “The White City”, visit the main square of Yanahuara and adventure yourself into breathtaking landscapes to get to Chivay, a special and secluded town, full of charming in the middle of the Colca Canyon. Observe the flight of the giant Andean condor and travel to Puno to explore the incredible floating islands of Uros and taste a savory and unique lunch in Taquile.


Flight over the andes to Cusco. You will discover history and enjoy with the landscapes and experience in a unique way the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The next stop will be Machu Picchu, this citadel itself is breathtaking, such an incredible Inca stone construction will be spread below, alternately hidden and revealed by clouds.


What a way to close this awesome journey, exploring the jungle. Dive in the jungle and witness the best of the rainforest offers. Boat to a trail that will take you to an amazing parakeet clay lick. From a blind you will see a host of parakeets descend to ingest the clay on a bank. Take in the colors and the noise and the fluttering of hundreds of feathers.


Flight back home.