A Honeymoon that lasts!

We know that every day has to be special but why not, when you have the chance, make it perfect and exceptional, or memorable at the point that when you go back home you will feel the magic, you will feel a renewed living love inside of you.

Whether is taking a romantic dinner with a beautiful ocean view or camping in a peacefully part of the Ica desert or enjoying a horseback riding in the shoreline witnessing an spectacular sunset you will treasure every moment as a truly intimate experience.

We can fit a program according to your needs, you only have to think about the days and we will make the details speak for you.

Just let us know what are your interests and we (it means you and us at Kindle Journeys) will create a program that fits you perfectly.

P.S. Curious to learn more? mail us at info@kindlejourneys.com 
or give us a call + 51 963 844 360.