Tasting the Amazon

Many times when you’re planning a great “escape from all” vacation you always think about what you could do to prolong the time or stop it from running out, well we think that you can tie up all the great memories you will have by experience a totally change of what you are used to, by involving yourself in a deep and meaningful journey where you can be able to listen to your interior voice mixed with the natural speaking of the air in the middle of the jungle. 

This journey will take you to the Iquitos jungle, the one will be discovered by you on board of a luxury cruise ship which is exquisitely decorated, well food planned and featured for you to have the best experience, you are going to share time with natives along to enjoying the great Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, we will also take you deep into the jungle, where you will encounter wildlife and learn first-hand about the important medical value of jungle plants.

As a cherry on top the cake after delighting your senses spending wonderful days on the jungle you will connect with the past delving into Cusco, a not just beautiful city but a place where you would feel like never want to leave.

Just let us know what are your interests and we (it means you and us at 
Kindle Journeys) will create a program that fits you perfectly.


Explore and discover, two simple words than can have an outstanding meaning while embarking in this spectacular journey. You will flight to Iquitos and, from the moment you step on board of your cruise ship, you will enjoy the M/V Aqua’s atmosphere of low-key luxury. Enjoy the real amazon in our way and dive into the wonder of this National Park


This morning, the M/V Aqua skirts the edges of the vast Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, a flooded forest covering five million acres at the headwaters of the Amazon basin. Rise early and be on your skiffs to view one of the great spectacles of the Southern Hemisphere: the sun rising over the birthplace of the Amazon River. Leaving the peace and beauty of the jungle behind, we will enjoy our final dinner together, swapping stories about the wonderful experiences shared on the river.


After this amazing experience you will continue seeking more adventure by flying to Cusco. Watch the windows as the desert coast rises into the snow-capped peaks of the Andes! Stroll through the native village and its colorful artisan market. From hand-made textiles to exquisite ceramics, there is something for everyone. Then, put the cherry on the cake of this amusing journey by discovering on of the wonders of the world, Machupicchu!


You will come back to Cusco. The capital of the Inca empire, to know more about its secrets and enjoy an excellent and unique time while discovering this enigmatic city. At the end, flight to Lima and enjoy the seaside parks, visit boutiques and enjoy delicious criolla food like fresh, citrusy cebiche or causa – an incredible combination of spicy mashed potatoes and creamy seafood filing. 

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